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3 ludicrous things I learned this weekend


(Just got an email that said the video I embedded down below starts automatically, so you may wanna toggle down below real quick and hit pause / mute.) Strange weekend for me to be sure, which is to be expected, I suppose, given that I had a little out-patient surgery late last week. This, of course, meant that I spent the better part of the weekend laying low, watching the television, just trying to keep it all together / recover.

And in so doing, I learned a few interesting things. And they seemed to have a ludicrous theme to them. Which is why I’m writing a post called

3 ludicrous things I learned this past weekend

Pretty straightforward, right? Let’s start with number 1:

1. Jordan McRae is ludicrous

Sure, it was to no avail, but how about the game the Jordan McRae had down in Athens? He went 10-15 from the field, including 8-11 from three, and a perfect 7-7 from the free throw line on his way to a career high 35 points.

He was clearly ludicrous. And, at one point it occurred to me, possibly even Ludacris, himself. Or at least I caught a glimpse of him that conjured up images of Ludacris shortly after Jordan made that nifty little bank shot despite being fouled.

Again, though, I was on the mend from a surgery so I might have just been all hazy, but don’t y’all think Jordan looks a little like Ludacris?


With just a splash of Steven A. Smith? Or Martin Lawrence, maybe?

[UPDATE] Got a tweet the following tweet and I thought it was worth including.

I like it. A lot. Almost as much as I like Jordan.

2. Despite loss, UT improves bracket standing

Speaking of ludicrous that’s what the whole art of bracketology is. Don’t get me wrong. It’s fun to engage in. Particularly at this time of the year. Even more fun if your favorite team’s a bubble team, which UT clearly is.

Most thought Tennessee would have to win out, then maybe even make a little noise in the SEC tourney to go dancing this year. So a(nohter) loss to an underwhelming team like Georgia, would likely spell N-I-T for UT’s men ballers, right?

Yet today comes word from NCAA bracketologist, Joe Lunardi, that thanks to a slew of other bubble teams losing over the weekend, Tennessee somehow improved its NCAA lot. They entered the game against Georgia as one of the “last four out.” Yet, as of this morning, according to Lunardi, Tennessee was the very last team in.

Tennessee teeter-tottered the in/out line last year at this time as well. And after losing to Ole Miss in last year’s SEC tourney, many got the sense that the Vols wound up one win shy.

Which is exactly why I think that regardless of any point-in-time analysis, UT has to win its last two regular season games, then win a game, possibly two, in the SEC tournament to get invited to the big dance.

Still, isn’t it ludicrous that Tennessee actually improved its lot in the eyes of an expert after a bad loss?

3. Dennis Rodman, the dip(shit)lomat

Look, I don’t know what’s more ludicrous here – the fact that Dennis Rodman recently became the first American to publicly meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, that Rodman went on Meet the Press to speak with George Stephanopoulos about the encounter, or that Rodman described Kim Jong Un as a “great guy.”

Or maybe it was the outfit he Rodman rocking. That was pretty ludicrous, too.

As was the message Kim Jong Un was hopeful Rodman would pass along – namely to ask President Obama to hit him up sometime.

Rodman, ever the strategist, nay, ever the HUMANITARIAN, suggested that the two world leaders could us their common love of basketball as a starting point to in trying to truly come together and better understand one another.

Proof, I suppose, that you don’t escape an engagement to Carmen Electra without a certain, hard to pinpoint wisdom.

After all, we’re all human beings. Even those of us who are responsible for the imprisonment of some 200,000 citizens in forced labor camps.

Kumbuya, the Worm. Kumbuya.

Here’s a video of his appearance with Stephanopoulos if you’re so inclined.

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