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4-20-13 podcast of the BeRad and JCO Show

The BeRad and JCO Show

Some of y’all have asked about podcasts for the BeRad and JCO Show, so I thought I’d post the links here on this site. You’ll note that I’ve created a tab up top that says “BeRad and JCO podcasts.” If you click on it, it’ll take you to (get this) a collection of all the podcasts of the BeRad and JCO Show.

Oh. And I’ve also been getting a lot of “Are you gonna make a video about the Tyler Bray Gruden QB Camp deal?” and the answer is no. Something about lightning in a bottle and how hard it is to catch. But I do have one I’m working on right now that I’ll hopefully get done this week or next. That dude ain’t going anywhere. And I suspect that the closer we get to football season, the more we’ll see of him…

Anyway, to listen to the show from this past Saturday, click HERE.

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  • NorthKnoxVol

    Love the show and whatnot! Thanks for the link! I can’t seem to navigate the TSR site with much success.