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4 Questions for Overreacting Vol Fans

butch jones

If you missed Chris Treece’s column on earlier today which defended Butch Jones, you need to give it a spin by clicking HERE. I was literally going to write something very similar and I’m glad I didn’t. Because there’s no way I could have done a better job than Chris did on that one.

But that doesn’t change the fact that I have four questions I’d love to ask any fan who is suddenly questioning whether or not Butch is the guy for Rocky Top:

1. Do you realize it’s you own unrealistic expectations that are to blame?

There’s nothing wrong with rooting for your team. Nor is there anything wrong with believing in your heart that your team can win.

But if you truly believed in your head that the Vols had a legitimate shot at knocking off Oregon at Autzen Stadium with the roster that Butch Jones inherited, then I don’t know what to tell you.

The fans that are now wondering if Butch is the right guy are the same ones who got angry last week at anyone who suggested the Vols didn’t have a realistic chance at getting the W in Eugene.

I know that many think that the world is against the Vols year after year. And that Tennessee is constantly getting screwed over by the biased, anti-UT media. But if you’d put down your conspiracy theories for just a moment and accept the facts — namely that four coaches in five years have left Tennessee with a threadbare roster — then you’ll likely come away with expectations that are a bit more realistic.

And if you watch this season with those expectations, then I genuinely believe you’ll be thrilled with the job Butch Jones turns in.

2. If you’re ripping the team and the job Butch Jones is doing after Oregon, why weren’t you doing so after the Western Kentucky game?

Because forcing six turnovers in the first half of a game (two of them of the pick six variety) yet only being up by two scores AT HOME against a Sun Belt team at the break simply isn’t winning football.

Nor is allowing one of their backs to gash your defense for 8-1/2 yards per gallup. (If you average more than eight, “carry” gets changed to “gallup.”)

Do you realize the Vols were outgained midway through the third period in that game by a margin of 300 yards to 148?

NOPE. Tennessee didn’t look very good against Western Kentucky. So where were all the Butch Jones doubters after that game? Quite frankly, such doubters probably lack the sophistication to see much beyond a final score.

Regardless, if you’re ripping Jones after the Oregon game, you should have been ripping him after the Western Kentucky game.

Because nothing has changed except the opponent.

3. Did you think the whole “Brick by Brick” thing was just a joke?

Because it wasn’t. It refers to a foundation that needs to be built. And a foundation is the very first thing that has to exist for anything — a house, a skyscraper, a football team — to stand tall and proud for years to come.

The reason why Butch Jones adopted that slogan? Because he knew that in order to get Tennessee football back to where it belongs, he first had to build a foundation. And that’s what he’s doing. One brick at a time.

You loved it in July. So what changed?

4. Have you forgotten about the 2014 class?

Because last I checked it was still sick as hell. Ballers are coming, y’all. So hang tight and believe that everything will be alright in the long run. Because the brightest football minds in this town believe just that.

And I got news for you: it’s the first time they’ve believed that in quite sometime.

And I tend to agree with them.

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  • Mr 47percent

    People need to calm the F down and give the guy some time. Hell, they gave Dooley 3 years, they could at least do the same for Butch. And for anybody who thinks we are in the same league as the top teams in the country, that idea is laughable at best.

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  • Big Orange Fan292

    Here are some problems that I’ve seen in our fan base in my opinion.

    1. If someone says something positive like “I think we can possibly win 7 or maybe 8 games this year”, other fans tell them to temper their expectations and be realistic. The thing about being a fan is that the definition of realistic can be different from person to person. If someone wants to have a half glass full mentality about the team and its future, then they should be able to without being bashed.

    2. “Vol fans” who are already saying that we suck, will be lucky to win 5-6 games, butch should be fired, this player is horrible and should be benched, ect should realize that we are only 3 games into the season with a 2-1 record and this is our coach’s first year. This isn’t the time to panic. Butch Jones is trying to bring ut back to the top of college football. As fans, we need to get behind the team and support them. If you’re just going to be a pessimist and not support the team, then you need to go be a fan for another team.

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  • Robert Mckelvy

    I love the Vols but that game in Florida could have been won,period. That was not the time to start a freshman QB!

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