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5-25-2013 podcast of the BeRad and JCO Show

BeRad and JCO Show

You know you’ve made it when your show is finally listed with the other shows on the TN Sports Radio app.

Okay, that’s total bullshit, but still, it’s kinda cool that you can now get our podcasts via the app. You’re one of the 50,000 people who have the app, right? No? Hmm. Well, if you have an iPhone and wanna download it, click HERE. And if you have an android, click HERE. And if you’re unable (for whatever reason) to download the app, you can always swing by AVY, as I’ll continue to catalogue them under the Podcast tab.

Anyway, on the last BeRad and JCO Show, which, by the way, is proudly brought to you by the fine folks at HoundDogs, Brad came at you live from the Calhoun’s studios while I was broadcasting from Sea Pines Plantation here on beautiful Hilton Head Island because I was being all sunscreeny and whatnot. (Sorry about that one…)

But even the distance couldn’t stop our flow, as we had one of our best shows to date. Of particular interest was an interview we had with Jalen Hurd’s stepdad, Arthur Smotherman, who talked a little bit about Jalen’s reaction to his recent fall in Rival’s rankings (as well as the fact that he’s still at four stars). Arthur’s a great guy and I think you’ll like what he had to say.

Also, we discuss the Twitter beef between a random UT fan and one of Vanderbilt’s coaches. (Spoiler alert — they’re both losers).

SO, to hear the interview with Arthur Smotherman, click HERE. And to hear the podcast of the entire BeRad and JCO show (which includes the Smotherman interview), click HERE.

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