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6-1-13 podcast of the BeRad and JCO show

BeRad and JCO Show

Sorry for the radio silence of late. It’s a combination of three things — vacation, the post-vacation scramble to catch up on all my responsibilities and, let’s  face it, a bit of a slow time in the ol’ sporting year. At least as it pertains to UT / SEC stuff.

HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t interesting things going on. Take Gordon Gee, for example. The bow-tied clown president of *the* (so lame) Ohio State University. Brad and I speculate who might in a fight between G. Gordon Gee (triple G) and Hallerin Hilton Hill (triple H). Hint: the winner has the initial H in his name. 

We also discuss UT’s latest commits as well as the upcoming freshmen (2013 recruiting class) who we feel might be ready to help out the Vols this upcoming year. Another fun show for my partner and crime and me. Hope you’ll give it a listen by clicking HERE.

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