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Crank calls and whatnot [VIDEO]

So, first off, this video ain’t right. I’m just letting you know because if you assumed it was, then went off and watched it, you’d likely be most upset. So don’t do that. Don’t assume this video is right and watch it, then get all upset. Also, there’s some language. So there’s that, too.

Another also: this video was inspired by one of my favorite cyber-pack of Twitter-ers out there — a pack which includes @LoneNutVolFan, @NewMarketMauler, @TheReal_KG, @dccoletrain (aka king of the avis), @RoyMullens, @Jmartn2, @MayorOfRheatown and a few others I’m probably forgetting on accident. And I’m here to tell you — they’re a good crew.

Also, the photoshopped pics featured in this video are the OUT. STANDING. work of @LoneNutVolFan. Thanks, buddy, for letting me use them.

To anyone who takes this video too seriously — stop taking stuff like this too seriously. It’s over-the-top satire as well as a creative outlet for me to express my fandom. Not a thing more.

OH, and if there are any short people out there who are offended by some of the short jokes in this one, I got news for you.


So get over it. Lord knows I did.

Alright, no more disclaimers. Just a final note: this one features the iconic work of a man whose voice I’ve heard almost as much as John Ward’s. I’m speaking of the legendary John Bean, the founding father of the crank call, often imitated, but never duplicated, especially by big, morning-show, corporate-clown types.

Anyway, here it is, my quasi tribute to the late Mr. Bean a la the…

all VOL y’all crank call video

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