all VOL, y'all.

All VOL, y’all wants you to contribute

It’s been a little over six weeks since I started writing on this site on a regular basis, and I gotta tell you — I’ve been very surprised by the entire deal. Pleasantly surprised.

See, I write professionally for a handful of sites, and as such, I just wasn’t sure whether or not I’d enjoy the process of starting a blog from scratch. To do it right, it takes a ton of time, and I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough, especially in light of the fact that so much of my time is already taken by writing obligations that are more set in stone than AVY. (Silly contracts…)

But I quickly learned that there was nothing to worry about. I’ll NEVER have difficulty finding time to write here because writing for AVY has been so much fun. (I cannot BELIEVE it took me so long to start — I’ve owned the URL for years!) And I think you’d have fun writing here, too. Which is why I’m posting today. To see if you wanna write something for AVY.

Do you?

Or do you have any ideas you’d like to see me tackle?

Or funny / provocative questions you’d like for me to (try to) answer? They can be about ANYTHING. I mean, hell, if you read this blog, you obviously know that I’m not afraid to take a weird-ass tangent every now and then. Which means very little is off limits.  So if you’ve got a post you wanna write or, for that matter, if you have any idea at all, I’d love to hear from you.

Just email me at and lemme know whatcha got.

And thank you so much for reading.


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