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All VOL y’all’s plays of the year

I can tell from my Google analytics that there have been a lot of new visitors to all VOL, y’all this past week. Given that, I thought I’d do a quick post to point these newcomers to some of all VOL y’all’s finest moments — our plays of the year, if you will. So, if you’re new and wondering what this site is all about, I think these posts might give you a good idea. They’ve not only been our most popular, but they’re also a good representation of what this site’s all about: part sports, part pop culture, part random, but ALL VOL.

So, behold, AVY’s plays of the year:

Butt chugging: it can’t be right when it feels so wrong

How did Kenny Chesney become the de facto celebrity representative for the Vols?

Butt chugging *rears* its ugly head again

Gene Chizik’s wife’s inspiring Facebook plea. And by inspiring, I mean bat-shit crazy. (I think that one’s my personal fave)

Did Dave Hart force Pat Summitt out? (Just to show we can be super-mature and all journalistic-y.)

I hate Bama. Promise. (This one isn’t really one of our most popular, but it totally should be.)

Any of our weekly picks posts. (The week three prediction post was particularly well received.) After all, we are 12-5-1 against the number in our last 18. So, you know, there’s that, too.

So there you have it. If you’re new, thanks for checking us out. Hope to see you again here, soon.


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