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Around the SEC: What We Learned in Week 2

todd gurley

Another week around the SEC and another slew of things we’ve learned about the teams therein. Plus, a few things to poke fun at, to boot. So, let’s get right to it, shall we?

Oh. I’m saving the Vols for last. Just so you know.

I learned three primary things in the conference’s marquee matchup of the week. First, Saturday must have been opposite day. Because I expected South Carolina to beat the Bulldogs which would have led to the inevitable onslaught of “Richt has lost control of his program” jokes.

But it was Georgia, not South Carolina, that whooped that ass. Plus, Spurrier was the one who looked as if he’d lost control of his program, what with two of his coaches going all Billy Badass against each other on the sidelines. Not to mention his star Jadeveon Clowney making post-game comments which even Johnny Manziel thought were a little bratty.

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