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5-18-2013 podcast of the BeRad and JCO show

BeRad and JCO show

First off, let’s talk about that picture, right? It comes to you courtesy of BeRad’s nephew — an incredible young man whom you can follow on Twitter by clicking HERE.

Last Saturday was my favorite BeRad and JCO Show to date. We got a couple of great calls, including one from Titans bill who comes forth with a shocking admission. (Okay, that’s a lie. I admitted it for him, but still…) We also discuss the Jenny Wright / Trae Golden situation with as much maturity as we could muster up. And Brad tells you everything you wanna know about UT’s baseball program, including how he feels Dave Serrano is doing and what all needs to happen for the Diamond Vols to turn things around next year.

OH. And we also reveal our title sponsor — an iconic business that we’re incredibly proud to be associated with.

To listen, click HERE.

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