all VOL, y'all.

God Bless Agrudica and Whatnot

God Bless Agrudica

Thanks to everyone who took the time to watch all VOL, y’all’s Grudemonium video. Sure, I thought it’d do well. After all, it was about something near and dear to all our hearts — UT’s coaching search. But I certainly didn’t think it’d do as well as it has. It bounced around all over the Internet yesterday, landing on dozens of Facebook walls, several message-board threads and was even linked on John Pennington’s fantastic site

Anyway, more than a few people have urged me to do another which is what I present to you today. The second Gruden video. Short and sweet. The last one summed up a couple month — this one but a single day.

And by no means am I attempting to try to capture lightning in a bottle (twice). But I sure am trying to add a little levity and humor to what’s been a very frustrating coaching search if you’re all VOL, which I know all y’all are. (Except for you, Nick Saban, you son of a BITCH.)

So, it’s in that vein that I present the following video to you.

Have a Gruden.

God Bless Agrudica

You saw the first Gruden video, right? If not, click HERE.
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facebook comments:

  • NorthKnoxVol

    This explains it all! Through a turbulent, unbelievable turn of events we must thank the phenomenon that is all Vol y’all for bringing some logic into the picture. We can all rest a little bit easier now…except for you Saban, you SON OF A BITCH!

    • all VOL, y’all.

      looks like i may be taking this little schtick on TV. more on the situation as it develops… thanks for your comment, NKV. you, my friend, are all VOL.

  • all VOL, y’all.

    you. are. my. sister.

  • David Davis

    I think I have watched these about ten times each -hilarious! Smokescreeny will now be a part of my everyday vocabulary.

    • all VOL, y’all.

      really appreciate that, David. hope you’ll come back by. we’ll have plenty more videos and don’t forget about the written posts, too. like the videos, they’re a little off the beaten trail. you know what else they are? all VOL, baby. all VOL. thanks for the comment…

  • Mlonon

    true…so true…So glad about the traffic…well played and well deserved