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Grudemonium 2012: A look back [Video]


Grudemonium 2012: The Knoxville Edition

Greetings, everyone. And sorry for the radio silence this past week, but after the mass Grudemonium which swept our region, I was left with a bit of Gruden fatigue and had to push myself away from the table.

Looking back, I now believe three things. First, what we experienced last week will go down as some of the weirdest dynamics ever associated with any coaching search. Second, it simply did NOT transpire the way the Knoxville media reported. The two sides were most definitely in better contact than was portrayed on Friday!

But third, the Gruden thing is dead.

At least that’s what I believe. But that doesn’t mean that the Grudemonium has died off. Because I still know of a couple people who are still in the midst of it. And while my Grudometer is on .01% (so you’re saying there’s a chance?) my friends’ Grudometers are still at 100.

I’m equal parts baffled by and in awe of such unbridled optimism. Which is exactly why I decided to make a video commemorating it. I’m calling it Grudemonium 2012: The Knoxville Edition.

Please do not consider this my support of ongoing Grudemonium. But please don’t consider it a condemnation of it, either. Because, truly, I get both sides. I understand why the vast majority of fans have taken everything they’ve received from the mainstream media as fact. But I also understand why a small percentage of folks did not.

It was a weird thing, this Grudemonium which swept our region. And we didn’t get a proper explanation of how things went down. And being a Tennessee Vol football fan is harder than it’s ever been in my lifetime. So to those who still have Grudemonium? I get it. I really do.

I’m not with you, but, as I think you’ll be able to tell from the video below, I certainly admire you.

Sort of.

One quick note — remember to tweak the dial in the YouTube box to the highest quality available. It really does make a difference (even though much of this was shot in poor light).

UPDATE: Blown away by the response to this video. I’m glad so many seem to be enjoying it. Look for another to come your way in the near future. In the meanwhile, if you’re new to the site, here are a few posts you might enjoy — posts which (I think) do a good job of representing our part VOLS / part quirky style over here at all, VOL, y’all.

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facebook comments:

  • NorthKnoxVol

    Leave it to aVy’ to strike gold from a unique angle in the aftermath of Grudemonium. Well done! I simply can’t get enough of the “pledge” in the video. I think they were closer to closing the deal than we may ever realize. Interesting to note that the Knoxville media seemed to be riding bitch to Chattanooga Times Free press. I will be checking their site more frequently…and aVy’, of course.

    • all VOL, y’all.

      Ah, the ever reliable NKV. truth be told, the pledge was my favorite part. this specific part in particular: “One conference, under God, eastern divisional.” I really wish we’d get to know exactly what happened, but i have a feeling we won’t.

      • NorthKnoxVol

        No, we won’t know, but I know someone who could document on hell of a speculation! He should call Earle to tell him to boycott Papa John’s to give Hart some leverage in getting Charlie Strong

  • Patrick

    This was just fantabulous. It’s now on my FB wall. Hopefully it spreads like wildfire. Something this funny deserves the eyes of the masses.

    • all VOL, y’all.

      really appreciate that, Patrick. GO VOLS!

  • Basement Braintrust

    He’s coming
    Well Done

    • all VOL, y’all.

      i’d expect nothing less from the grand poobah of the heralded Basement Braintrust.

  • Ray B

    Enjoyed the caricature. Great job! I like how this dude is so in that he doesn’t have time to change clothes. Love to hear you dropping the 8th Maxim & Tenacious D. I do enjoy reading Hatvol’s postgame report though . . .

    • all VOL, y’all.

      hey, man, i love the guys over at 8th maxim. why do you think i now so much about their threads? thanks for watching, Ray. really appreciate it.

  • Sissyintexas

    I looked at your Kenny Chesney post and loved it. I live in Dallas and the David Keith thing cracked me up. Did you hear about him, the Dallas CIty Council and doggie doo? It’s is definitely worth reading.

    • all VOL, y’all.

      SissyinTX — sorry for the late response. so first, WOW, right? i mean, DK, talk to me, bro. you’re lobbying for severe punishment for the non scoopers and your agent of change is shifting through piles of dog shit. don’t you have an audition or something to attend? that was classic. thank you so much for that link. thanks, too, for visiting the site. i hope you’ll come back!

  • Grudica42

    Brilliant, histarical, classic!!!! Way to make The Vol Nation laugh during a crappy time! I’ve laughed out loud so many times today and laughed w/many of my buddies,

    • all VOL, y’all.

      i’m so glad, man, b/c part of the reason why i made the original (and the subsequent one) was b/c it was just time to make a parody of the whole deal and at least laugh a little bit about the whole deal, right? thank you so much for your comment.

  • Sherry

    I can’t wait for a Butch Jones, WHO? or Who th F**K is
    Butch Jones….I just know it’s comin…..I told all my students and fellow teachers on Friday morning not to worry that this was still a some sort of smokescreen or whatnot and that Gruden would step out from beyond the Verizon curtain and SAVE THE VOLS, Y’ALL!!!

  • Rodney

    Gruden is coming. Butch is just filling in until Gruden can get out of that contract with ESPN. Dang Commies at ESPN had fine print in his contract, similar to that Santa “Clause” movie I saw over the weekend with that guy that played Tim the tool man Taylor.

  • Millisa Gingerich

    Love the videos and I wish Gruden was our Coach All Hart’s fault Fire Hart and Pat Summit for AD :) :) :)

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