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Gruden considering Tennessee offer

Gruden considering Tennessee offer

Is Jon Gruden about to trade his ESPN desk job for a big orange visor?

Gruden considering Tennessee offer — assistants’ pay could be a stumbling block

Jon Gruden has a contract in hand to become the next football coach at the University of Tennessee. This according to Stephen Hargis of the Chattanooga Times Free Press. But let’s not start busting out the high fives just yet. There may still be a hurdle in the way.

And that hurdle is the budget allotted to Gruden’s staff.

I happened upon the story while visiting¬†RockyTopTalk. Brad Shepard wrote a piece which encouraged his readers to do the same thing I’m encouraging y’all to do. Go read Hargis’ article.

But, real quick — the most conservative sports journalists in town (Jimmy Hyams, John Pennington, etc…) have long confirmed that the Gruden thing was more than just a rumor. Even so, none of these guys gave the deal any chance of happening. And in this post, I openly wondered why. It’s always seemed to me that if he really were interested, Tennessee would be compelled to give him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Admittedly, my Grudometer has been all over the place, initially quite high, but eventually hitting ZERO thanks to some information I heard at the Kentucky game. But as of Tuesday, my Grudometer was back up to 50%. More importantly, it’s at 100% in this regard. I’m convinced the Gruden deal is still on the table for reasons I discussed HERE.

Gruden considering Tennessee offer, huh? I’d say it’s still on the table, alright. And even if there is a snag with the budget for his staff, surely that can be overcome. Right?

Here’s to hoping this thing gets done. More here as it develops and here’s the link to Hargis’ piece at the Times Free Press.


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