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Gruden mourning and the 7 stages of grief: a story of acceptance [video]

Gruden Mourning

Our Grudemonium friend is back, making what will be his final Gruden-related video. I’m calling it Gruden Mourning and the 7 Stages of Grief. But don’t let the title fool you. Because at the end of the day, this is as much about turning the page and getting behind Coach Butch Jones as it is about anything else.

It seems that the real Gruden mourning is coming to an end and that Butch Jones is winning over the UT fan base. But it also seems that there remains a faction of folks who are underwhelmed by the hire. Some have voiced discontent about the fact that Jones is bringing several of his Cincinnati coaches along with him. Others are upset at the Willie Martinez hire (former UGA defensive coordinator, Oklahoma and Auburn position coach).

But I look it it like this. First — at least Butch Jones has “guys” to bring. Not only did Dooley not have any “guys,” (let alone four conference championships!) but Dooley also had a hard time keeping the guys he went out and found. And second, with regard to Martinez, in him, Jones has a secondary coach who has experience as a defensive coordinator at a big-time SEC school. Not a bad resume for a position coach, no matter what happened in the past. Plus, I hear he’s one hell of a recruiter.

I guess I respectfully disagree with the nay-sayers. No. I don’t think we’re going to have some outstanding season next year. But I most definitely see the UT cup as half full. Especially with Dave Hart leading the charge in drawing a clear line in the sand between UT athletics and academics. (Look for more on that front here on AVY in the near future — next week, hopefully.) In fact, many are reporting that part of the reason Butch Jones appealed so much to Hart was because he was the kind of pitbull that could back Hart up and help change the culture on UT’s campus. ESPN referred to this very fact just the other day.

Anyway, a lotta words to say this: another AVY video, a good bye to Grudemonium, if you will. I’m fired up about the future. I hope you are, too.

 Gruden Mourning and the 7 stages of grief

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