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Interview With Jalen Hurd’s Stepdad, Arthur Smotherman

jalen hurd

The above pic was taken by Brad Fullington’s son, Chase, during our first break today. Pretty handsome dudes to be relegated to radio, no?

*crickets* Yes. Well.

Anyway, we had a great time and, all in all, things went pretty well, thanks in no small measure to Jalen Hurd’s stepdad, Arthur Smotherman, who joined us for a fascinating interview on the first-ever BeRad and JCO Show.

Interview with Jalen Hurd’s stepdad, Arthur Smotherman

In it, he talks about Jalen’s work ethic, the historic season he had last year, how important goals have been in his development, the recruiting experience with Dooley as compared to with Butch, and just how much he values his role as Jalen’s stepdad.

If you’d like to hear the entire interview, please click THIS LINK. Thanks to Arthur for joining us, as well as to Jalen’s mom, Tara, for going back and forth with me earlier today on Twitter.

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