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Jalen Hurd on the BeRad and JCO Show

Jalen Hurd

Jalen Hurd was on the BeRad and JCO show Saturday before last, but before I post that interview, I wanted to give y’all a quick update as it pertains to the allVOLyall website.

I’ve been kinda quiet over here of late, but only because I’ve recently stepped up my association with Tennessee Sports Radio. A few weeks ago, owner Jason Bailey asked if I’d like to help revamp their digital presence as well as become one of their featured writers. It was obviously a no-brainer. As such, I’m now (proudly) serving as their Director of Digital Content (aka Internet Bitch).Step I was to get the new site built which I managed to do alongside my close friend, PJ Mullen, who is one smart and talented cat. If you’ve not checked out their new-and-improved site, I hope you’ll do so by CLICKING HERE. A ton of hard work went into it, and we’re very proud of it.

Step II was to populate the new site with pieces from the old site.

Step III was to begin directing the content moving forward, which has been super easy thanks in large part to Dave Hooker, who was recently hired by TSR to (a) host a daily radio show and (b) contribute to the new and improved site. And thus far, his work has been outstanding, which comes as no surprised to me. I’ve always felt that Dave does a great job when it comes to covering UT football and basketball.

Some have asked if I still intend to write on this site, particularly given that I’ll be contributing to TSR’s new site. The answer is yes. I’m not exactly sure how that’s gonna work, but I was planning on writing four-ish pieces per week once football season came closer, so I suppose I’ll post some over here and post others over there. Same sorta deal. Sometimes straight, essays. Sometimes snarky rants. I’m sure there’ll also be the occasional video thrown in for good measure, as well.

Anyway, on to Jalen. He was good enough to call in to the show the other week, and we had a nice chat. The first link is that.

The second two links are from this past Saturday’s show, and I must say, it’s one of my favorites. Reed Carringer filled in for Brad (though Brad was still a huge part of the show thanks to many tweets and texts) and we discussed lofty topics, indeed,  such as the big date LoLo Jones has coming up. See, she agreed to go out with a total random dude from Twitter all because of a bet of sorts. Bubby Lyles asked LoLo if she’d go out with him if he could get 150,000 re-tweets, and she was like “Yeah, good luck, player.”

He did it.

Which prompted Reed and me to mull over which female athletes we’d Twitter stalk. (Hypothetically, honey. HYPO-THETICALLY.) We also talked a ton about UT recruiting, UT hoops before touching upon Dwight Howard, Aaron Hernandez, Urban Meyer and more.

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