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Jay Graham to FSU?

Jay Graham

I was having a perfectly good day today. Well, except that I’ve got right pinkie/left knee/right shoulder issues thanks to participating in the age inappropriate (for me, at least) TSR dodgeball tourney which went down yesterday. The aVy’ team fared well, going 2-1 in the best-3-outta-5 matches before getting bounced by a really good team in a best-2-outta-3 series. So, 2-2 overall (we’ll take it!), but certainly a bit sorer for the experience. But that soreness, significant though it is, doesn’t even compare with how sore the following tweet about Jay Graham has left me:

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Jay Graham to Florida State?

The internet is probably about to go wild with quickie Jay Graham write-ups such as this one, but the only thing I could find that’s already up was published on the FSU Rivals site, Warchant. The piece is vague and more details are sure to come, but for now, it seems that Jay Graham has left UT to accept a position of “offensive assistant” position.

And I gotta tell you, they got the offensive part right, because this one hurts so bad I find it just that.

The story on Warchant goes on to say that a source told the site that it’s unclear which of the two vacancies on the offensive staff that Jay Graham will fill. More from the story:

Graham fills one of two vacancies on Florida State’s offensive staff. Former FSU assistant Billy Napier spent 22 days as the Seminoles’ recruiting coordinator and tight ends coach before leaving to become the wide receivers coach at Alabama last week.

Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly hate Alabama more. 

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Two thoughts immediately popped into mind. First was how disappointed I was for the team. Remember what a coup it was to steal Graham from South Carolina, particularly when you consider he had a guy named Marcus Lattimore to work with? Plus, he was not only working wonders with our backs (they got better each and every game last year), but Jay Graham is also an incredible recruiter.

And the second thing? Well, frankly, it’s the first black mark in Coach Butch Jones’ brief tenure in Knoxville because losing a coach — a VFLer — as beloved as Jay Graham will surely leave people scratching their heads. Like countless, I took to Twitter to share my frustration, and had an interesting exchange with one of the contributors to RockyTopTalk (which is a great site and one of the few I have linked in my right-hand sidebar).


The key words to note in that exchange are “probably more than it should’ve.” In other words, one disappointed defection does not make or break any staff and there’s no need to get all riled up and throw a bunch of blame at Butch Jones and company. Plus we don’t have any details yet, so who knows what, exactly, happened to cause Jay Graham to leave UT for Florida State.

Even so, this one is very hard to take, as you’d have to imagine Coach Jones did everything in his power to keep Jay Graham here in Knoxville. Failure to do so is just that. A failure.

Again, so much more to learn on this one (though I did just hear Erik Ainge say that Jay Graham is going to be running backs coach and recruiting coordinator), so stay tuned. For now, just know that it appears as if we’ve lost a VFLer whom we all respected and admired. At least he’s going out of conference, right?

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Oh. By the way, I’m officially blaming this on the Nick Saban billboards in Tennessee, and I encourage you to do the same.


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