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The time I was on the Locker Room Show

locker room show

So I’m sitting there in bed last night at 10:00 doing what I do every Sunday night at that time. Tuning in to the Locker Room Show on WVLT with Mark Packer and the gang. There are three primary reasons why I like that show. First, there’s obviously great Vol smack to be had. Second, I think the guys have great chemistry. I love the way they cut up on each other. And third?

They limit their callers to 30 second.

And that’s huge man, because let’s face it, for a lot of callers out there that’s 30 seconds too many. Anyway, I usually set the TV timer and drift off to sleep toward the end of the show, but last night there was no timer involved. Because Mark Packer had seen the two Gruden videos and reached out to me with an idea late last week. He thought it’d be cool if they played both videos (censored of course), then played a third video — one that he was hoping I’d create specifically for his show. One in which my character slams the four hosts.

Though things have kinda been crazy of late, I was more than happy to comply. Because not only am I a regular viewer of the Locker Room Show, but Fred White and Terry Fair are also two of my all time favorite Vols.

So the clock strikes ten and I’m super amped, right? And I turn to tell my wife that very thing when I see all she’s toes up, sawing logs like a damn lumberjack (in a cute way, honey.) So I nudge her and say, “Hey, aren’t you gonna watch.”

“Are you recording it?”


“Then, no. I’m not. I’ll see it tomorrow.

She’s a feisty one. Even when she’s tired. And I love that about her.

Anyway, I watched the show with my faithful dog, Briggs. And it was a lot of fun. Though I’d be the first to admit, I was a little anxious about how the guys (Fred and Terry in particular) would take the ribbing I gave them. Judging from the tweets they sent me last night, though?


I’d say they took it pretty well. Which, now that I think about it, comes as no surprise. Not only are Fred and Terry total VFLers and fantastic members of the media, but they’re also great guys with fantastic senses of humor, too. We’re incredibly lucky to have so many former players who come back to town to cover our program. We really are.

Anyway, if you’d like to see the video I made specifically for the Locker Room show, here it is, only it’s uncensored (gasp!). And, yes, I plan on doing a Butch Jones one, but it will not be slamming the hire as many seem to suspect will be the case. While I may have had issues with the process, I have zero issues with the man we landed on. I support Coach Jones 100%. And I bet you do, too. That’s part of being all VOL.

 The Locker Room Show

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