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Marshall Henderson will eventually require emergency rhinoplasty and other radom thoughts / predictions

Marshall Henderson

what a dick.

I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday about the trainwreck that the Vol nation witnessed at Thompson Bowling Arena on Wednesday night. And there’s really no need revisit the debacle in depth, though some of today’s random thoughts will briefly touch upon the embarrassment. Including the first random thought which is about one of the Ole Miss players.

Marshall Henderson

Marshall Mathers, er, Henderson went for 32 points on Wednesday which obviously sucked. But it didn’t suck as bad as his on-the-court behavior. He disrespected the Vols in their house in a manner in which I’ve never seen before. And it was deplorable. The kid’s got serious talent, but he’s also a serious punk. One who’s got broken nose stamped all over his forehead.

He’s lucky he didn’t wind up on the wrong end of one of Yemi’s pointy-ass elbows, but something tells me that if his boorish behavior continues, that luck will eventually run out. Which is why I took the liberty of touching up a picture of Marshall going apeshit after hitting a three against the Vols (despite the fact that the game was already well in hand).

marshall henderson

Total clown. (That pic, by the way, was from Wes Rucker’s twitter feed.)

Jarnell Stokes

Stokes had a good game on paper — 15 points and 11 boards, but it sure was an ugly 15 and 11. As the season progresses, it’s becoming glaringly evident that his game isn’t.

He’s such a physical specimen that he probably never had to do anything other than muscle people around in high school. Back ’em down, back ’em down, back ’em down, turn around and dunk. And that’s sorta what he tries now. And it ain’t working.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It seems that many Vol faithful consider him an elite player. But he’s not. He’s a clumsy one. With the touch of a lumberjack.

I love Jarnell’s upside. But I’m ready to start seeing him inch closer to it.

Skylar McBee

The emergence of Jordan McRae and the ineffectiveness of McBee has to make you wonder how much time Skylar’s gonna be getting by the end of the year. Some believe his slump is mental. But I think his slump is Maymon. No one misses him more than Skylar. Without Jeronne to draw in the D a la the inside-out game he gives the Vols, McBee is impotent from behind the arc.

On Wednesday, Skylar attempted his first two-point bucket since the Clinton administration a la some little lay-up / scoop shot deal he tried from the right-hand side. And it got blocked so hard (can’t remember by whom), I thought the Rebel defender had actually popped the ball for a second. Not. Good.

Okay, I’m officially depressed. I’m banning myself from writing about Vols basketball for the rest of this post. Let’s move on to other news, starting with this tidbit that broke during the game on Wednesday. It’s about…

Brian Kelly

So, I’m on Twitter during the game, tweeting random thoughts because (a) I’m super high-tech like that and (b) I’m also a bit of a Twitter whore, when this little number from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen hits my stream:

And soon that thread was everywhere. And the news seemed to make a lot of people scratch their heads, but not me.

I’d leave the country, too, if I got my ass handed to me like that in a nationally televised BCS title game.

Nick Saban: what a dick

Did you happen to catch the audio of Nick Saban’s interview on Mike and Mike in the morning? That dude comes off like such a dick sometimes, it’s unreal. He practically jumps ESPN’s “Greenie” for asking him if the NFL door is closed for Saban for good. Click THIS LINK and go to the 7:57 part of the interview if you’d like reason #4,327 to hate the guy.

NFL playoff predictions

I’m going with the Denver Peytons over Baltimore. And I’m taking Green Bay on the road over San Francisco in a game in which Colin Kaepernick shits the bed to the extent that San Francisco will have to deal with the Should Alex Smith have been benched? question for the entire off season.

Also, the New England Satans outlast the Texans in a game that will be much closer than most expect.

And ready for this? Seattle walks the dog on Atlanta. As in not even close. And I’ll be sad about it because Matt Ryan was the QB on one of my fantasy teams. And that team took home the crown, so I feel a certain allegiance to Matty Ice.

But they got no running game. Plus, Seattle’s secondary is sick. For all the hype that RGIII and Andrew Luck got all year long, the one rookie QB who’ll be playing for a conference title is Russell Wilson.

Against the number, I’m going:

Denver -9 (but only because I’m a Peyton sheep. In real life I wouldn’t touch it. That number seems too high…)
Green Bay +3
Houston +10 and
Seattle +2.

That’s all I got kids. Have a great weekend. And lemme know who you like or anything else you feel like getting off your chest in the comments if you’re so inclined.

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