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SEC Locks of the Week


In week one, I went 5-2. Which is good.

In week two, I went 1-5-1. Which is not.

Yet I’m undeterred for any number of reasons, not the least of which being that I’m a touch delusional.

Plus, I’d categorize South Carolina and Alabama both as tough losses. AND, I also think it was pretty clear that I was sheeping out by picking UT. So BOOM. 4-2-1.

But I won’t cheat. I’ll keep the real tally. I’m 6-7-1 for the year, and this week, I’m coming hard. Though, to help me out, I’ve got a new rule: if two teams in the SEC play each other, I have to pick it. But if it’s an SEC school vs a non SEC school, then not necessarily. I can opt out of two such contests per week.

Why two? I dunno. Why not?

But this week, I’m only using one of my exemptions. I’m gonna refrain from picking Vandy -31.5 at UMass. That number’s huge and Vandy has to be a little distracted by (a) a tough start to their season and (b) all the off-the-field stuff. Yet, UMass is horrible.

Too tough to call, so I’m staying away from it. The other games, I like a lot. Hence, my SEC Locks of the Week:

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