all VOL, y'all.

A poem for St Nick. Saban. St Nick Saban. VIDEO

St Nick Saban

Tis the season, right? So I thought it only appropriate to make one more video before I put our friend up on a shelf for a while. In this one, he’s composed a poem for St Nick. Saban. That son of a bitch.

I hope y’all enjoy this Christmas parody. But even more importantly, I hope that you and your family are enjoying the holiday season. Thank you so much for stopping by Whether you’ve done so one time or one hundred, I genuinely appreciate it.

Now, for the latest video effort, please scroll down and click play. And careful, kiddies. It ain’t safe for work.

Poem for St Nick Saban. That son of a bitch!

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facebook comments:

  • NorthKnoxVol

    The nutcracker looks good in a visor…Merry Christmas to Earle and them!

    • all VOL, y’all.

      yes, thought that was a subtle touch. glad you noticed…

  • Basement Braintrust

    I don’t think Earl puts an “e” on the end his name , that’s a little fancy don’t you think?

    • all VOL, y’all.

      there is no question that earl goes with no e.