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Tennessee Vanderbilt preview: bizzaro world edition

Tennessee Vanderbilt preview

So I’m thrilled to report that a Tennessee Vanderbilt preview that I wrote was just posted over at the fantastic site RockyTopTalk. For those of you who don’t know, RockyTopTalk is part of the Sports Blog Nation and, as their name would suggest, they cover all things Tennessee Vols. I’ve been following them ever since I began writing this site, and I must say, they do a fantastic job. In fact, I dare say they’re a must-follow for any serious UT fanatic, so be sure to check them out either by clicking on one of the links above or by clicking their link in my blogroll in the right-hand sidebar.

Anyway, here’s the piece that I’m proud to have gracing their site on this fine Thursday. Hope you enjoy:

Tennessee Vanderbilt preview: The bizarro world edition.

So, Tennessee’s a four-point underdog to Vandy this weekend and I’m all bent out of shape about it. I mean, c’mon, y’all. Remember when losing to the Commodores never even crossed our minds? Oh, sure, there were close calls every now and again. The 17-10 affair in Peyton’s senior year comes to mind. But we never actually thought we were going to lose that game. Or any of the other ones, either.

Because we were Tennessee. An SEC juggernaut. And they were Vanderbilt. An SEC doormat.

It was great to be a Tennessee Vol, alright. But to be a Vanderbilt Commodore? Puh-lease. Their biggest claim to fame was a collection of preppy rich guys riding around in their 7-series Beemers, armed with double surnames like Whitworth Montgomery or Beckett Gettlefinger — only the inevitable roman numeral at the end distinguishing these clowns from some bad downtown law firm.

Read more over at RockyTopTalk by clicking HERE.

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