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The BeRad and JCO Show on TSR

The BeRad and JCO Show

On August 31 of last year, I hit “publish” on this little SEC-preseason-predictions deal I had just written, and BOOM, a website was born. To be honest, I really didn’t know what to expect. I just knew that the last time I’d created a site, it led to some freelance work. Maybe something similar would happen with this site, I thought.

So I just focused on producing content for AVY and figured the rest would take care of itself. But you know what I didn’t expect? That this site would actually enhance my experience as a fan. But that’s exactly what’s happened. Only not because I’m writing about the Vols. Instead because starting this site has forced me to become more active with social media.

Which was nothing new for me. I’ve long leveraged social media to get my writing out there. But I had never done so as a Tennessee fan. So when I started an AVY Facebook page and Twitter account in hopes of spreading the word, I was pleasantly surprised when that online activity actually made my fandom a more enjoyable experience. A more worthwhile one. A more interactive one. One that was suddenly three-dimensional, if you will.

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But that’s exactly what happened. And that’s what has been my favorite thing about AVY — it’s made me a part of something big and powerful simply by putting me in contact with countless folks from all walks of life who are all woven together by a single, big-orange thread.

Did you read the piece that Jon Reed wrote on AVY about how Butch Jones has leveraged Twitter and turned it into a great recruiting tool? Every word of it was true. Jones has done just that. And Jon pinned the tail on the donkey when he said that one of the greatest things about this development is that the Vol Nation is getting in on the act. And that is the type of social-media involvement from the Vol Nation that has enhanced my fandom as well as the fandom of countless others.

Exactly why I’m so stoked to be a part of one of TSR’s newest shows: The BeRad and JCO Show as it will very much focus on the fan experience.

The BeRad and JCO Show

If you’re here, you already know me. I’m the wingnut who wonders why Kenny Chesney has become the de-facto, go-to celebrity Vol fan when, in fact, he’s been known to serenade Tim Tebow while wearing a Gator helmet. (Helmet!) But I’m not always so snarky. To keep you honest, I’ve also taken to busting out the occasional thoughtful essay as well. And when I’m feeling extra saucy, I’ve been known to make a video or two.

And now I’ll be taking that Vol-centric brand of randomness to the radio alongside my good friend Brad Fullington. By day, Brad’s a certified financial planner and the principal of his investment firm, BW Fullington. But by the tweets, he’s BeRadFully. You know him, right? He’s a regular guest of TSR’s Erik Ainge Show serving regally in his capacity as Vol Fan Recruiting Coordinator. (He’s a great follow on Twitter, so get on him if you’re not already.) Which means BeRad’s a huge part of this whole three-dimensional sports movement that’s going on. One of the leaders, in fact.

And starting this weekend, the two of us will join forces each and every Saturday from noon to 1:00 on one of TN Sports Radio‘s newest shows: The BeRad and JCO Show. A show by the fans, for the fans — one that we hope will enhance your fandom, especially if you’ve ever been known to turn on your Twitter-er, as there will be plenty of social media interaction.

We’ll focus primarily on UT Sports — UT football in specific — and we’ll make sure to give you an extra helping of recruiting, as BeRad will keep our listeners up to speed on important things (such as the Twitter handles of top recruits), while I try to refrain from using phrases like “Plus, Earl and them said he was tweetin’ the shit out of it.”

Something about the FCC.

But even if Twitter’s not your bag, you’ll still love the show, as we’ll keep our listeners dialed in on all-things-Vol, including every last detail about the 2014 class — like who’ll be on campus, who’s getting offered, and most importantly, who’s about to officially commit and give their all for Tennessee.

I hope you’ll join us either by tuning your AM dial to 1180, or, better yet, by downloading the TSR app and listening to us no matter where you are.

And OH BY THE WAY, immediately following us will be another new show — Vol Rumor Mill with Andrew Darago and Houston Kress. They’re both awesome. (You might remember the great writeup Houston did for AVY on National Signing Day.) Our show and theirs join an already fantastic lineup which features Fairways and Green and the Steven Pearl Show.

So make TSR a part of your Saturday routine. And make sure that routine includes The BeRad and JCO Show from noon to 1:00. We can’t wait to get started and hope you’ll be part of it.

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  • Shane Rhyne

    Congratulations! That sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun. And if Earl’n’em cause any trouble by tweeting the shit out of it, I’d like to recommend a possible theme song for the show:

  • muskrat

    well done!