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The Butch Jones Song

Butch Jones Song

The Butch Jones Song

Ever since I started working as the director of digital content for TN Sports Radio, people have asked me if I still planned on keeping up with this site. It’s a fair question, especially given that I’m also writing for TSR. I hope that today’s effort, a video called The Butch Jones Song, serves as the definitive answer.

Because, yes, I very much plan on keeping this site going. My buddy Jon Reed, who is a fantastic young writer, will be chiming in with informative, intelligent and funny takes throughout the entire football season, and I’ll be regularly contributing as well, whether it’s with a snarky take, a serious essay, or an occasional video.

Like all y’all, I’m fired up beyond belief about the upcoming season. And I ain’t bein’ smokescreeny and whatnot when I tell you that Earl and them’s boy is fired up, too. As evidenced by the song he wrote and performed for this video.

I’m equally proud of and embarrassed by his effort. Hope y’all enjoy.

OH. And it’s not horrible-horrible, but it’s not super-safe for work, either. I’d put it at a PG13 rating.

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  • Shane Rhyne

    Love it. I also love the unintentional comedy of YouTube dropping in a “Vacation in Alabama” banner ad at the beginning of the video. I’ll be signing this for the rest of the day.

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  • Michael

    That is so funny I have tears in my eyes GO VOLS! I’m ready to watch it again NOw!

  • terry byrd

    Great video!!! Maybe by this time next year we can play it over and over and beat dem criminson cronnies!! GBO!!!