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Top 10 Danica Patrick Headlines [VIDEO]

Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick proudly holds the award she won for grabbling the pole.

Danica Patrick won the pole for this year’s Daytona 500 and middle-aged adolescents all over the world reverted back to their Beavis and Butthead phase and made as many jokes as possible.

Indeed, I was among them.

At first, I was just gonna write a post with some funny headlines, but then I thought I’d let Earl and them’s buddy give his take on it. And I gotta tell you, just making the video was a highly offensive experience.

It’s for that reason that I’m completely and totally discouraging each and every one of you from watching this. But if you insist on watching the Danica Patrick video, so be it. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Two quick things.

First, I’ve gotten a couple of emails in the past week asking me if that character is really me. In other words, is that the way I talk? The answer is Only when I’m hammered.

NO, I’m kidding. The answer is that’s not the way I talk, though I do love me a thick-ass East Tennessee accent. Always have and always will. It’s filled with color and passion and the homespun goodness of what I consider to be the greatest geographical area in the entire world. Ain’t a damn thing wrong with folks who sound just like Earl and them’s buddy. Exactly why, in fact, that was the accent I chose when making that first Grudemonium video.

And second, as you’ll find out if you watch my Danica Patrick video, one reason why I decided to take the liberty of poking a little fun at her is because of this “sex symbol” image that she and GoDaddy have rammed down our throats. I for one, don’t find anything sexy about Danica Patrick, though I also realize I’m in the minority on that one. Still, if she’s gonna marginalize herself as a sex symbol, then I have no problem taking a pot shot along those same “sex symbol” lines.

Final note — and all kidding aside — I’m very proud that Danica Patrick took the pole and I hope she races well. Her involvement in NASCAR does nothing but benefits the sport, at least from an exposure standpoint. And as the proud father of two daughters (along with three sons!), I tell my girls all the time that they can do anything, ANYTHING, they set their mind to. Danica Patrick is an incredible example of just that. (One reason, in fact, I wish she’d shed the sex symbol bit…)

So, yes, I have quite a bit of fun with Danica Patrick in this one. And yes, I can see where that might rub people the wrong way. But I don’t care. Because it’s satire, people. Nothing more. And nothing less.

All that said, here’s the

Top 10 Danica Patrick Headlines video

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  • Me Again…

    I don’t care who ‘ya are… that’s just funny!! Have you taken a pole of your reader’s? (Maybe I should not use an apostrophe there, not sure).